Stationary Gas Analyzer CMS-7

Stationary Gas Analyzer CMS-7
The CMS-7 analyser can be equipped with up to 9 electrochemical cells.
Depending on the configuration, the instrument can measure the concentration of
following gases: O2, CO2, CH4, CO, NO, NO2, NOx, SO2, H2S, H2, NH3, Cl2, HCl.
Gas concentration can be presented as:
- the volume concentration (% or ppm)
- the mass concentration (mg/m3)
- the mass concentration referred to O2 (mg/m3)

Additionally the analyser is adjusted to measure the flue gas temperature
and the ambient temperature (using thermocouple and PT-500 sensors), the absolute
pressure and the differential pressure. On the basis of the measurement data
and the fuel parameters, the analyser calculates the combustion parameters:
- the stack loss,
- the loss by incomplete combustion,
- the efficiency,
- the excess air coefficient (lambda)

All the measured or calculated values can be presented on the CMS-7
analyser’s display, and saved as reports on the MMC card or in the on-board memory
and presented in analogue form, as current or voltage outputs.
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